We deal in all kind of concrete admixtures which help us to increase workability, Durability and Economy, also can reduce permeability.

We have products for new age concrete which helps in high flow concrete, self compacting concrete, High early strength concrete, precast concrete, colored concrete.

We have solutions for high percentage of replacement of cement using mineral additives up to 70%. This will lead you more durable and economical concrete.

All your need for concrete will get fulfilled at Rising Sun.

Dynamon SX 542

Dynamon SR 321

Dynamon SX 202

Dynamon PC 803A

Dynamon PC 802

Mapefluid R 213

Mapefluid R 316 S

Crush Sand Plaster Addetative - Mapeplast Super

Mapefluid R 234

Dynamon SX 542 M

Mapefluid R 240

Dynamon SR 500 R