We are solution provider for waterproofing products. We have wide range of materials used for waterproofing, which can be briefly SBR, Single Component cementitious, 2 Component
cementitious, PU base, Bituminous products, SBS Membrane, HDPE Membrane, rapid drying single
component and many more.
We guide you to finalize correct waterproofing systems depending upon requirements.
The waterproofing system depends on
1) Location of application
2) Type of substrate
3) Wet area or dry area
4) Podium`s or terraces
5) Type of plantation
6) Type of foot traffic or vehicle movements.
7) Water tanks / STP
We at Rising sun are one stop solution for your waterproofing requirements.

Planicrete SBR

Planicrete SP

Mapelastic Smart

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